Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That Freshman Year of College

Heart-shaped glasses frame my priz-ed seduction.
i glimmer, glint, glitter, glow.
revitalized into your materialized confection
i shimmer, sparkle, saunter, show.

I'll just click send, I'll attain fame
Snapchat. Snapchat. Snapchat.
nothing profane, just inane

I wasted my time
Hiiiiiiii. Heyyyyy. Whatuppppp.
You all wasted my time
wyd---what. are. you. doing. Meet-up?

Go away, all of you. I tricked yinz
by mistake.
I don't want to see yinz
I am a fake.

Smiles of deceitful mischief. meaningless.
homesickness pervaded like cancer
i diagnosed it benign. denied the malignance.
and with sorority admittance, I digress(ed).

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Social Media Addicts

We all like to think our sanity and self-control persists despite an overuse of social media.

Did your suite mate unfollow you on Twitter? Don't overthink it. Her unfollow doesn't necessarily mean your friendship is invalid. Perhaps your tweets have simply overpowered her feed, or perhaps you don't tweet enough. Have you ever considered the fact that it's not all about you? Maybe she's going through a rough time and wants a virtual disconnection from her established bubble of tweeting peers. Whatever you do, don't you dare call her up at 2:30am to yell at her for unfollowing you. She'll think you're loca.

scroll. click. scroll. refresh. repeat. uh-oh don't let anyone watch you kill the refresh button.

 close tab. reopen recently closed tab. close tab. reopen same tab. This is an even worse habit.

Your recurring social media binges are significant. The content you imbibe habitually affects you, especially your psyche. Avoid negativity unless you want to spur your own negative, cynical spirit.
Don't let extremism evoke resulting extremist nature from your own self. Evade the perusal of your peers banal quotidian sentiments if their content bears the nature of artificial sugar or corrosive acid. Know who your friends are. De-friending, unfollowing, deleting, and eliminating from the face of your cyber sphere is a form of internet catharsis. Allow yourself to reduce the number of parasitic relationships you incur. You have no use for someone's useless thoughts? It's okay. Click responsibly. There is no need to continue to Like what you secretly dislike, no need to favorite that Tweet which you have no respect for.

Eliminate FOMO {Fear of Missing Out} by choosing your social following consciously.

Friday, May 3, 2013

I Am The Bengal Tiger.

Your Stars are My Stripes I.

College should make me better not worse.
You can lecture me, but not with force.

I have the mindfulness of a hummingbird;
I focus my wit,
 my attention
on the nectar of your thoughts-stirred

I have the attentiveness of a retriever;
I fetch your object,
your immediate desire
in my desire to make you a perceiver

I have the libido of a dolphin;
I crave your caress
your playfulness
without the wakefulness of your chagrin

I have the vigor of a tenacious little ant;
I saunter through work,
through tasks unfinished
in grasp of greater goals They’ll grant.

Your Stars are My Stripes II.

College should make me better not worse.
You can lecture me, but not with force.

I am a representative of my species,
striving to be
an outlier of statistics,
listening to see
 anything but CNN,
revolving past
the esoteric filter bubbles,
above the accepted and amassed

Oh, THS, I deflect and reflect your opinions
I sign my name, my legal identity away,
we vote no with fists clamped powerfully shut
 and yaay with vulnerable fingers spread
we give superficial care to your dominions

We purchase the diploma under the guise
that with it, comes not misery,
but allow me to surmise:
a brain Made not in China,
rather with lies.

 Our institutionalized minds may have Magellan-ed
in places afar,
where we pander to capitalists
whose faces stay unmarred

The Presidents themselves
are little more,
than rainbowed statues
whose minds we ignore.

I am the Bengal Tiger,
lithe, nonchalant by day,
omniverous for knowledge,
yet passive-aggressive by night.

                             -poems written by Mala S. Sharma

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Questions For High Society

1. Do the models in pre-placed picture frame photos by the frame and just keep it as is?
 (Christopher Hudspeth from 19 Things To Do When You Stay Up Until 5 A.M.)

2. Why is staying hydrated a problem even in first world countries like the USA?

3. Why do I challenge all boundaries while remaining complacent and obedient at face value?

4. Do my hormones make me horny, lusty, romantic, or any other clich├ęd emotional charge, or do I inflict such hormonal emotions upon myself?

5. Is intellectual pursuit as lucrative as rote memorization?

6. Is consumerism a disease?

7. Why can't I quit the Internet?? Why??
(Geeta Sharma from her Twitter account @GSharms21)

8. What happens when the term "hipster" has suddenly become blatantly mainstream?  

9. If humans naturally seek happiness, why do we go through so much effort to act miserable, constantly complaining on Facebook and posting lame #FirstWorldProblems on Twitter?

10. Why are elements of the media not considered professional unless they've been censored, auto-tuned, Photoshopped, and essentially stripped of all organic sentiment?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Millennial Quiz

Take this quiz to figure out just how much of a millennial you truly are.