Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Questions For High Society

1. Do the models in pre-placed picture frame photos by the frame and just keep it as is?
 (Christopher Hudspeth from 19 Things To Do When You Stay Up Until 5 A.M.)

2. Why is staying hydrated a problem even in first world countries like the USA?

3. Why do I challenge all boundaries while remaining complacent and obedient at face value?

4. Do my hormones make me horny, lusty, romantic, or any other clichéd emotional charge, or do I inflict such hormonal emotions upon myself?

5. Is intellectual pursuit as lucrative as rote memorization?

6. Is consumerism a disease?

7. Why can't I quit the Internet?? Why??
(Geeta Sharma from her Twitter account @GSharms21)

8. What happens when the term "hipster" has suddenly become blatantly mainstream?  

9. If humans naturally seek happiness, why do we go through so much effort to act miserable, constantly complaining on Facebook and posting lame #FirstWorldProblems on Twitter?

10. Why are elements of the media not considered professional unless they've been censored, auto-tuned, Photoshopped, and essentially stripped of all organic sentiment?

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