About Millennial Movement

mill·enn·i·al gen·er·a·tion


the millennial generation is a mystery. we are the "always connected" generation, defined by our phones and gadgets. we suffer from FOMO: the Fear of Missing Out. we've been our own consumer target audience since we were born. we've been accused of being overly entitled, coddled, under-qualified, whiny and, recently, "screwed." both our egos and our grade point averages are wildly inflated.

we may be addicted to technology but we start political uprisings through Facebook Revolutions. we may be jobless narcissistic college grads, but we are also persistent, optimistic, and driven job-seekers. we know we may be too dependent on our helicopter parents, but we also know it's time to stop letting other generations tell us who we  are because the truth is, we are the future. 

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